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Car / motorcycle Holidays in Bulgaria

  " Highlights of Bulgaria .. "

<< 10 Reasons >>
  1. Cradle of civilizations
  2. Land of golden treasures
  3. Mixture of ancient cultures
  4. Home of mighty Kingdoms
  5. Sofia - City on the basis of history
  6. Unesco's World heritage
  7. Native land of Orpheus and Spartacus
  8. Wine - Throughout the centuries according to ancient traditions
  9. Homeland of Rose oil
  10. Land of Buffalo yogurt

Cradle of civilizations
Through the centuries, Bulgaria, as a strategic bridge between Asia and Western Europe overrun by conquerors, soldiers, travelers, merchants and immegrants. Thracians, Macedonians, Greek Byzantine, Romans, Persians, Slavs, Bulgarians and Turks. They have all left their mark and artifacts which date back to 4,000 years before Christ!

Land of golden treasures
The pictures on the left are the oldest processed gold ever found (Varna Necropolis, more than 4000 BC.) As the world famous Thracian gold treasure discovered in Bulgarian soil!

Mixture of ancient cultures
With over 40,000 cultural and historical monuments,
Bulgaria is unquestionably a mixture of Ancient Cultures
Pre-History, Thracian, Macedonian, Greek, Slavic, Roman, Byzantine, Turkish and Bulgarian influences!
Bulgaria is on the 3rd place - only after Greece and Italy - as regards the number of historical monuments.

Home of mighty Kingdoms
The Country of Bulgaria was founded in 681, when there were only two empires in Europe: the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium)
The mighty Bulgarian empire, with Khan Asparuh headed, unified the Thracian nation and the Slavic tribes.
This is how the Third European Empire has emerged - the so-called 'Danubean Bulgaria' - at the crossroads of Asia and Africa, with its capital Pliska.

Sofia - City on the basis of history
The Bulgarian capital Sofia was born 7,000 years ago in the green surroundings of the Vitosha mountain, near the hot springs.
Nowadays you will find more than 250 unique historical monuments, in harmony with the modern look of the city.

Unesco's World heritage

UNESCO'S list of "World Heritage" meanwhile mentions nine Bulgarian items, including seven cultural and two natural wonders!





Native land of Orpheus and Spartacus
Orpheus - the mythical Thracian singer - Was born in the village Guela Rodophy in the mountains - which, according to Greek mythology, participated in the "Quest of the Argonauts' with Jason and Heracles.
Spartacus - the famous Roman gladiator - born in the contemporary Sandanski, at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, was 74 n-Chr. the leader of the largest slave uprising in Antiquity.

Wine - Through the centuries according to ancient traditions
The first wine was ever likely to be pressed in Bulgaria. There has been traces found dating back to 6,000 BC.
It is only in Bulgaria that the vines of the Ancient Thracians are still cultivated, and the grapes are processed into the solid red "Mavrud".
As small as Bulgaria is, it is also one of the world's largest wine producers, along with France, Spain, Italy and Greece ..

Homeland of Rose oil
In the world of Perfume and Cosmetics is also largely dependent on the production of Bulgarian Rose Oil which constitutes 80% of world production!
More than 3 tons of rose petals are needed to produce one liter of this oil - worth 6.000,-euro - what makes this product is worth more than its weight in gold!

Land of Buffalo yogurt
The Bulgarian yohurt is a unique product: the production is based on the 'Lactobacterium Bulgaricum bacterium that is found nowhere else in the world. It is also processed in a large number of Bulgarian food, so it yohurt almost daily on the Bulgarian table.



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