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About Q-Partners :

"Q" stands for Quality, and quality is what we offer.
"We" are Els, Kurt and Richard, the managers of this coordination-company in Bulgaria.
We work together with national and international quality company's and firms,
and offer you a full Building Service in your own language.

Full Building Service :

As a coordination-company we take care of smooth follow up on your project,
within the terms of agreement and within the budget !

We put our expertise, experience and contacts at your disposal.

We take over the task as "project manager"
so you don't have to worry about the practical side of your own project!


  1. Together we work out your plans and ideas into a pratical and complete project.
  2. We even make a virtual 3-D presentation of your plan,
    so you can walk trough your project.
  3. Subsequent we make you a detailed offer.
  4. We supervise your project, so that the builders are working according to
    European standards and work within the terms of agreement.
  5. We keep you informed at all times about the progression of the works,
    by making a weekly feedback, with a photo- and yardreport.
  6. You pay only the next part after finishing the work of the previous part !

Your Pro's:

  1. You have only 1 person to work with in your own language,
    so no misunderstandings !
  2. You have feedback at all times of the proces during the works,
    as if you are at the spot yourself !
  3. You have the garantee that the project is realised according plan
    and within your budget !
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