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Region Dobrich
Property ID: School 011


!!! Superdeal !!!

We are offering you this building in good condition , it was a school.
With garden with area of 2.250 m²

Footprint : 460 m²
Floors : 2
Details : electricity - water supply - fence

It's located in a nice and quite village near to the sea.
Dobrich region includes the eastern part of the Danubian plain.
Good conditions for tourism offers municipality of Dobrich.

On its territory there are an art gallery, an interesting history museum, a museum-house of 9 th century Dobrudja lifestyle, a Yordan Yovkov House-museum (Yordan Yovkov is an eminent Bulgarian writer). Amazing is the ethnographic complex 'Old Dobrich', situated in the town of Dobrich and representing old Bulgarian crafts in an authentic atmosphere.
In the region there are three well kept game preserves which offer great opportunities for hunting tourism. They are situated in municipalities of Dobrich, General Toshevo and Tervel.

Situated near the durankulak lake. Durankulak Lake is 446.5 hectares. It is one of the best- preserved coastal wetlands in Bulgaria with international importance for the protection of over 260 endemic, rare and endangered species of plants and animals. The lake is a Ramsare Convention Site A part of Shabla lakes complex, which is the biggest wintering ground of the Red- breasted Goose /Branta ruficollis/ in the world and one of the most important sites for the wintering of the White- fronted Goose /Anser albifrons/ in Europe;
A habitat of the most numerous population of the Ferruginous Duck /Aythyanyroca/ along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast;
The only preserved population of the Wild Carp /Cyprinus carpio/ in Bulgaria.

Distance to:
Capital city Sofia : 482 km / 299.32 miles
Sea capital city Varna : 84 km / 52.16 miles
Burgas city : 208 km / 129.17 miles
Nearest administrative centre : 21 km / 13.04 miles
Black sea and sea resorts : 67 km / 41.61 miles
The International Airport : 84 km / 52.16 miles

Price: 59.700,-eur

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