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Region Targovishte
Property ID: School 013


!!! Superdeal !!!

This is a school in nice bulgarian village. The village is in region Targovishte-Targovishte is situated at the southern foot of Preslavska Mountain on the two banks of Vrana River 339 km northeast of Sofia.
During the last years Targovishte gets a serious economic progress which transformed the image of the town.
Its natural geographic situation helps the development of cultural- historical, spa, hunting, rural and eco tourism.

Targovishte is a regional centre and a famous wine region.

History: The historical findings show that the region was inhabited ever since the copper-stone epoch. The old name of the town is Eski Fjumaya (Old Market) and was first mentioned in 1573 when the town is under Ottoma Rule. It forms as a trade centre and in the end of the 18th century Ksidjumaiski Fair was opened in the town.

During the Renaissance many Bulgarians settled in the oriental town and force the cultural and economic development. Many crafts flourish in the town. A school, church and a community centre is opened in the town. Targovishte becomes one of the revolutionary centers in the country.
The fair was also revived, known as the summer fair and exhaibition for industrial goods.

Sightseeing: The Varosha Neighbourhood has over 30 buildings with interesting architecture, among which is “St. Sedmochislenitsi” (1851). The “Borovo oko” (pine tree eye) complex is a very attractive site in the region. 7 km away from the town “Parka” Leso Park is situated.
The hotel and entertainment complexes here are “The white horse” and “Paradice”.
8 kilometers south west of Targovishte is the Targovishte spring. The mineral water is good for the health and a resort town with open air swimming pool, prophylactics and a hotel are in the vicinity of the town.

Region: Targovishte
Footprint: 330 sqm
Garden: 2800 sqm
Floors: 1

Distance to:
Capital city Sofia : 307 km / 190.65 miles
Sea capital city Varna : 138 km / 85.70 miles
Burgas city : 184 km / 114.26 miles
Nearest administrative centre : 21 km / 13.04 miles
Black sea and sea resorts : 143 km / 88.80 miles
The International Airport : 132 km / 81.97 miles

Price : 32.400,-eur

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