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Region Ruse
Property ID: Svaliva


Big house with 2 floors and a large garden (+/- 2.000 sq m).
The house offers stunning views onto the surrounding hills and national park.

The property is offered at a cheap price because it is just the building without any windows and doors,
But seens it proper and solid construction it is ready to start any renovation without knocking any more walls etc.
This means that the renovation will be cheaper instead of first having to knock down walls and transport all the remaining waste !

In the garden there is another outerbuilding/barn with a separate garage with service pit.

Located in a nice village with several bars and a supermarket just 2km away from the national park Rusenski Lom.
On wednesdays there is marketday, where you find fresh vergetables and fruits and lots of other interesting stuff.

Good bargin for those who are not afraid to take on a serious renovation.
Together with our renovation team we can make up an offer for all renovations towards european standards
It is a supderdeal for people who can look trough it all and see the potential of this property!

A real superdeal for thos who dare!

Price: 6.120,- eur

        2de Beeld onder muis                    
  Panorama Straatbeeld en Tuinzicht  
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